Bootstrap.widgets.tbgridview Don't Take Any Html Option


I’m trying to assign some classes for some input elements in bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView. finding how in GridView widget I supposed it make same result but when I add htmlOptions into array column options it doesn’t take any htmlOption so I think is a bug for the bootstrap extension.

here is the example:

<?php $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView',array(




	'template' => "{items}",






			'htmlOptions' => array('class' =>'span4'),




any help I will be thankful.

Where do you want see apply your css class settings? At TH tag (header) ? At TD tag (body) ?


the idea is apply it in the listData. I’ve just tried to add DropdownList but adding it the page doesn’t render completly. even I tried to apply it into the div container but nothing happens. if you follow the example in getyiistrap, there will be an sample code where htmlOptions is applied for make a listData wider but such sample as I see has an error and applying the traditional TbGridView zii widget htmlOptions doesn’t work neither.

OK I’ve generated an activeDropdownList withe the class into, but still my question is about add a class or style to the filter-container div what I suppose is adding the htmlOptions what is not working in column array properties.