Bootstrap.widgets.tbdetailview And Decode Html Tags

hi all

need to decode a DB field in my view, tried doing this bu that doesn’t seem to work.

<?php $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbDetailView',array(






                            'name' => 'news_text',

                            'value' =>CHtml::decode($data->news_text),






)); ?>

how can I decode the field in this view?

the reason I need to do it is because the it has all te HTML tags in it. comes from the CKeditor input

just to be clear… if I enter this line of text in CkEditor

[indent]this is a test[/indent]

it will return the following

[indent]<p>this is a test</p>[/indent]

this is what gets stored in my DB… .this is fine as I need it to keep the formatting done in the editor.

but in the view I want to see the actual formatted text not the markup language

in other views I simply use the CHtml::decode and it works but within the TbDetailView it does not want to work… I’ve done this in the past but can’t remember how!

This is easy way…