Bootstrap Widgets In Ext Auth

Hello everyone, I’m new to yii framework and I’m having difficulty using the extenssão auth, now I can use the filter with my users table. but when I need to access the module localhost / demo / index? r = auth

I get the following message from DEBUG

in my assignment \ index

when I use the "widgets"

When $ this-> widgets ('bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView "

I get this message:

And behaviors of its AssignmentController not have a method or closure named "widgets".

when I use the "widget"

When $ this-> widget ('bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView "

alias "bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file.


Please show your code for Widget section.

And also a exact error message which is coming for you.

Are your Auth extension and Bootstrap extension working fine on your application.

on this link Everything is explained how to use this Auth Extension and how to configure it.

I am sure it will not create any problem.Please read this article and make sure you have done everything correct.

think can be Yii :: setPathAlias ​​with the ‘bootstrap’?

Follow my index and error

TbGridView is not available in Bootstrap 3. It is a Bootstrap 2 widget so check what version of this you are using first. I have just run into this issue :(