Bootstrap - Which Extension To Use?


for those of us who love both Yii and Twitter’s Bootstrap, for a very long time there was an obvious and briliant choice:

bootstrap by Chris83 ( ) which was later upgraded to the new version (2.x I guess?) which uses Tb- prefix for the widgets instead of Boot-.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon the amazing extension pack (should I call it like that?) for Chris83’s bootstrap - YiiBooster by Antonio Ramirez ( ) which is backward-compatible with Chris83’s bootstrap.

Until today, things were simple and easy - if I wanted just basic Bootstrap combined with Yii I used Chris83’s bootstrap. If I wanted more features (especially those lovely grid extensions and WYSIWYG editors) it was as simple as replacing Chris83’s bootstrap with YiiBooster.

However today I’ve found something completely new - YiiStrap & YiiWheels. It’s a great news that two guys behind those excellent extensions joined their forces to provide us with even better extensions, however as for now YiiWheels misses some features YiiBooster has.

Now the actual question - I’m starting the new long-time project. Which one should I use - YiiBooster or YiiWheels? I guess YiiWheels is supposed to replace YiiBooster, but how soon will YiiBooster be abandoned?

Are there any plans for YiiWheels for Yii2?

Thanks for your tips.