Bootstrap Twitter

I want use in my application.

I found for yii two extensions:

Mayby is more then this 2?

Which one is better? What is difference? What with licence? My application is commercial.

Why don’t you take a look at them?

YiiBooster is pretty clear:

[color=#5A5A5A]When we started using the [/color]Yii-Bootstrap[color=#5A5A5A] library for our own projects to benefit from [/color]Twitter Bootstrap’s[color=#5A5A5A]beauty, we fell in love with it. So, to ease the workload of our Yii Framework developers, we built[/color]YiiBoilerplate[color=#5A5A5A] to take advantage of the libraries, as well as, add some great components of our own. When we realized how well the boilerplate is working for us, we decided to share the love with the open-source community.[/color]

I’m curious about the future of these 2 extensions : they are very close one to each other and Yii-booster sort of extends yii-bootstrap. Are they going to be merged into one single extension that could be called yiistrap for instance ;) ? If yes, what will be the target yii branch ? 1.0 ? 2.0 ?

Soooo much questions … :D