Bootstrap Less Mime Type Problem

I added the yii-bootstrap extension to a webapp test project and was able to get it to work by creating a copy of less at: /assets/lib/bootstrap/less/. I thought I was doing ok because the few examples I tested worked fine when placed in the "about" page view. When I was trying to add "holder", I enabled all the console logging and there were many css warnings. The error message at the end in Firebug was:

The stylesheet ../assets/lib/bootstrap/less/mixins.less was not loaded because its MIME type, "text/plain", is not "text/css".

Hoping someone can help me find where this is being called from so I can set the type or provide a clue where I went wrong in the setup.

I’m not a programmer, just an old guy that enjoys running his own home web server and trying to learn yii (MVC).


Chris (yii ol’ newb)

I think I found my answer…

but it wasn’t using the newer alias yii format and it was a complex fix.

So, I gave up trying to fix all the problems with less.

Just too many moving parts for someone like myself (non-guru)looking for a simple framework with extensions for packages like bootstrap and less…

Perhaps yii is not the framework I’m looking for?