Bootstrap Kartik Switch widget

Hi guys. This is driving me crazy. I got a modal rendering a form when you click on a calendar day. This form has a kartik switch and usually when the form renders in the modal the switch is not rendering as it is supposed to render (see image)

and it should look like this:

I have tried everything, please help.

This is a problem with your css. Check any custom css files.

I don’t have any custom CSS and this problem just pops up randomly. Usually it renders right the second day I click on :s

Are you sure? Maybe is another extension that have an css file embedded on. I just tested the Switch Widget in an default application and works perfectly.

Maybe its an issue with the modal… or maybe the admin-lte template, its strange because the fist time it renders in the modal it has that weird look and then If I close the modal and rerender another day of the calendar it renders Ok. It appears to be random.