Bootstrap dependency


i’m currently evaluating lots of frameworks for several projects that will involve me for the next few years, so it’s a very important decision.

I really like what I see in yii but have some questions:

  • Is this project actively developed ? It seems to have less vitality than other project and can’t risk it become unsupported.

  • Is there long terme support version ?

  • Are any widget dependent on bootstrap ? I can’t use it on my project. Will I encounter any problem if I disable bootstrap ? (fortunately the debug bar is not dependent on it)

This framework seems the most mature and professional.

What is it that makes you think it has less vitality than other projects?

If it is the low forum activity, there are several reasons:

  1. We need to upgrade our forum software to something more modern, like Discourse, because at the moment the community is fragmented into Facebook, IRC and Stack Overflow.

I really want that to change

  1. A big part of the Yii community is Russian and participates on the Russian site/forum.

But, in terms of development, there is a huge amount of development activity on Github!


So, the force is strong with Yii.


Historically, Yii has - and will have - long term support for older versions.

I don’t see that changing in the future.

I am not using Bootstrap for most of my projects, so it is possible.

The Bootstrap themed widget set is just a small part of Yii.

What depends on bootstrap are standard project templates. Framework itself does not.

LTS was not formally announced for 2.0 but, as jacmoe already mentioned, our regular support is longer than common LTS-es.