Bootstrap Bootmenu And Link

Hi there!

I have a problem putting a link for an item of menu using Bootstrap.

For the case when using an item without sub-item, there is no problem, like this:

array('label'=>'Product', 'url' => array('/product/index')),

But when using sub-item, thing doesn’t work, like this:

array('label'=>'Product', 'url' => array('/product/index'), 'items'=>array(

                                    array('label'=>'Product 1', 'url'=>'#')),

                                    array('label'=>'Product 2', 'url'=>'#')),


In this case, when clicking on Product, it doesn’t go to product/index as I would expect.

How to give an item a link when It has sub-items?

Any help would be appreciated!


I think its the normal behavior because when you click, it open the sub menu.