Bootstrap 3 Integration For Yii?

So Bootstrap 3 has recently been released!

Bootstrap 3 looks very different from the previous Bootstrap 2 and it opens up a lot new possibilities for the look of Yii apps.

I’ve been looking to integrate the new Bootstrap with a Yii app running the Yii-Booster extension, but simply replacing the css and js files followed by renaming the classes/ID’s didn’t seem to work. If anyone has successfully integrated Bootstrap 3 with Yii please share your wisdom! Otherwise we’ll have to wait for our extension developer overlords to create a working Yii extension for Bootstrap 3.0 ;D

It’s not released, it’s release candidate.

Not anymore ;D Would love to hear about the progress now that Bootstrap 3 has been officially released!

Christoffer Niska? yii+bootstrap3 coming soon? ;)

I am not allowed to post links here because I have a new account (WTF) but if you google "Yii Bootstrap 3" the first hit will be a bitbucket repository where someone has already started it under the account DrMabuse/Yii Boostrap 3 Module

bootstrap 3 extensions

I’m new to yii. Can anyone plz tell me how to implement bootstrap3 with Yii 1.1.x

Thanks in advance

As you probably know, bootstrap = html + css +js, so you can use it the usual way in your layouts and views.

If you need some yii extensions for it, see comment with link above.

Struggled the same problems 2 weeks ago for new project. Started from BS3 with “Yii Bootstrap3 module”. Then found out that nice things like Yii Strap and YiiWheels are not gona be updated to support BS3! They said wait for Yii2. So I stuck in the middle and chose to downgrade to BS2 but with YiiStrap and YiiWheels advantages. But I’ve added Font Awesome support (like in BS3) to YiiWheels\YiiWeels by modifying a bit some lines of their code.