Blog tutorial

<h2 id="customizing-x-9x-operation">Customizing list Operation</h2>"Like the show operation, we customize the list operation in two places: the actionList() method in PostController and the view file /wwwroot/blog/protected/views/post/list.php."

Changes to List.php are required, but there is no indication of what those changes are.

After making the changes to "actionList" method, the variables being passed to list.php are $posts and $pages. However, list.php is expecting to $models and $pages. So, list.php fails.

If the code in actionList is changed from creating $posts to create $models, list.php works again.

Am I missing something, or is this an error in the tutorial?

Also, it would be helpful if the tutorial included more explanation of how each piece of this puzzle fits together and what each accomplishes. This is a good tutorial for those who understand how Yii works, but for us newbies, it leaves very much still in the dark.

look at the ../yii/demos/blog from the main framework folder.

It will have the correct working code.

These are demos, not tutorials. Yes, I can download the demo, but I need the experience of doing the tutorial.