blog tutorial login error


I am following the blog tutorial step by step provided by Yii… when I was logging in I got this error:

Property "User.salt" is not defined.

Tried declaring

public salt = '';

in the User model… now it says "Incorrect username/password."

I have already looked at the other forums with the same problem as mine, and I tried doing the suggested solutions but it seems that nothing worked for me.

Can someone help me? I’m just new to Yii. Thanks ;)

Slightly off topic: If you are new to Yii, why look at Yii 1.1? Go straight to Yii 2!

It will be much easier if you download the demo blog that comes with yii framework than following this tutorial. Download the blog here

Actually I’m studying an existing system which was written in Yii 1.1, that’s why.

I might have some difficulties while studying the source codes without a step-by-step tutorial, but I’ll still do my best. Thanks for the suggestion!

What’s the structure of your user table?

I just copied the sql queries in the demo blog.

It’s already working, I changed the hashed password in the user table. Lol :D