Blog Tutorial Elaboration required in "Authenticating User"


If this piece of information is available some where else please redirect me to that url.

I think some more elaboration may be required in "Authenticating User" Section of Blog Tutorial.

It is not clear where exactly following code snippet is to be placed.

$identity=new UserIdentity($username,$password);




    case UserIdentity::ERROR_NONE:





I am unable to login to the blog app at this step.

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In the text above the code snippet it says:

So this code should not be written somewhere in your blog tutorial code.

Make sure you exactly followed the steps in the tutorial then it have to work. You could also look at the finished blog demo app (demo folder) which comes with the yii download to find your mistake.


The problem I have mentioned is resolved.

This question is irrelevant. I did a typo while writing bits of code that are supposed to be added as per tutorial.