Blog For Yii2.0

Hi, everybody.

The blog for yii 2 public preview 's code at

welcome your test.

preview url:

Thanks for bug reports.


Thank you for the project. I like how you have app directory outside of public root. What you did differently to achieve that? (I admit I have not looked at it yet)

Look in index.php for the line

$config['basePath'] = '...';

nice work!

Would be even nicer, if you could provide the blog as an extension (module) only.

I like that!



Call to undefined method app\widgets\LinkPager::className() 

That’s not a bad idea!

Server: Tengine

Date: Thu, 09 May 2013 18:02:12 GMT

Content-Type: text/html

Transfer-Encoding: chunked

Connection: keep-alive

X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.14

Master, please priview http error status message.

Thanks for this example of a Yii 2.0 application. I think you should explain it a bit more. For instance, add to your README:

  • Most widgets, like LinkPager, were ported from Yii 1.1 just for this application, because they are not yet in the preview Yii 2.0.

  • To deploy, one needs to configure Apache’s mod_rewrite (or nginx) and prepare the MySQL server (create the DB and configure the access). A simpler solution is to delete “www/.htaccess”, comment the “urlManager” block in “app/config/main.php”, and replace the dsn by “sqlite:../app/data/blog.db” in the same file.

I know I should have posted a pull request, but I’m too lazy for that.