blog demo css

I noticed that in the blog demo, the "page" width changes when switching between blog/index.php (or blog/index.php/post/admin or blog/index.php/comment/list) and blog/index.php/post/create (here the "page is slightly winder"). Can this be fixed? I tried to look where this might be happening in main.css but could not find it.

I am using Firefox 3.5 on Windows, are other users with other browser seeing the same?

Thanks for any advice.

Isn’t this caused by the optional scrollbar? In some views it is shown, in others it may not, so it is automatically resized in the inner window.

oh… you are right!

can this be avoided somehow? I know it is not strictly Yii related, but any help would be greately appreciated…



body { overflow: scroll !important }

to the end of your main css file will force the scroll bars to appear.

Please note however, this will make your horizontal bar appear permanently, too.

Thanks for your suggestion!

in the end I did:

"overflow-y: scroll !important;"

which works ok in Firefox 3.5

Oh, I forgot this! You’re totally right.