Previously was built with Ruby on Rails. I got sick of dealing with the many, many crashes and sluggishness. I decided to port it to PHP. After about a year and trying out an extensive number of PHP frameworks, Yii clicked and seemed the perfect fit for me.

Ladies and gents…

It looks pretty good to me! The homepage is a bit slow. You may consider improving its speed by using fragment caching.

Yeah, I haven't touched caching yet. I wanted to get it launched successfully first and then tackle the caching issue.

I'll definitely do so.

Nice! first site I've seen made with Yii that actually has a significant amount of dynamic content.

Thanks Jonah!

I've begun implementing fragment and data caching on the home page. I notice an improvement.

If you have time, maybe you can share with us your experience in using Yii. I definitely want to hear feedback so that we can make Yii better and better.

If you are using a dedicated server, you may also consider using server caching techniques. For example, you may consider squid, which will make your pages significantly faster.

Yeah, it's been a hectic couple months and will take a breather for a few days, but once I catch my wind and have a bit of time, I'll be sure to post a few thoughts.

As blocSonic is a profitless side-project at the moment, I'm currently hosted on a shared server. I'll definitely keep server caching in mind when I do make the move to a dedicated server.

It´s nice to see something well done as this app made with YII, I´m a newbie and I´m looking for the way to improve my apps made in other frameworks.

Best regards!

Thanks ing.espitaleta :)