Blankpage in some subdirectories with no Exceptions

I’ve had blankpages in some subdirectories in my webpage with Yii2. There are no Yii Exceptions, PHPExceptions nor failures in the app.log.

Do you have the right values on the errors settings for PHP development in your php.ini? From a quick search Display All PHP Errors: Basic & Advanced Usage

Yes, display al errors is enabled. The filepath is also ok, it seems to be an exception that is catched and doesn’t return anything as the code stops in the head section

If it started the rendering then the issue seems to be in the layout or associated with the assets (because stops in the head).

Just for the science try disabling the layout on the action context with $this->layout = false to check if the action is executed. If yes, then the issue have been isolated. If not… well, more checks required.