blank page in IE 6 - refresh works

I have a website running Yii but for some reason, on every page the page loads blank (in IE6).  But then you may simply refresh and it loads correctly.  I am testing the IE6 on win 98.  Would this be different from IE6 on win XP or vista?  And ideas to why every page loads blank at first?  I'm stumped.

Here is the website:

I tried IE6 on XP. It seems fine.

Hmm… My client complained that he got a blank page "every once in a while".  But for me on IE6 win 98 it gets a blank page "every time"…  I'm starting to think his blank pages are from my server acting up and my blank pages to be something else…

Any logging information available? Also check Apache logs.

I'll get to logging info soon, but I noticed that on my other yii site ( it only does it on the "login" "logout" and "register" page.  Maybe it has to do with sessions or something… still looking around…

When I comment out session_start(); in the core it works… still studying though

I pinned it down but still not sure why it's doing it. I modified the core code like so:

	public function render($view,$data=null,$return=false)






echo "1";


			return $output;


			echo $output;

echo "2";


The browser output will simply be '1'.  $return is false so it echo's the $output.


echo $output;


echo stripslashes($output);

works that way (or, outputs it at least)

I give up unless anybody has suggestions

I tried the w3c validator, it was fine on there

IE6 on XP seems to work all the time. IE6 on W2k seems to show a blank page once after emptying the browser cache.

I also see something strange with the url on W2k.

Initially: (home page),

then on clicking register: (blank page)

on second click: http://transystems.c…m/user/register (register page)



I removed the html line:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

And now it works.  It was the encoding…  But I don't see a problem with that line

Well, i think you should check if all your html and php files are saved with utf8 encoding.