Blank Page After Creating App


i am new to Yii, so here it goes.

I downloaded the framework, uploaded to my server in jill/home/public/web/yii/

then i accessed server via ssh, cd to framework directory, and then executed yiic using the examples on yii site.

ALl went perfect and i got the confirmation the app was created successfully.

I confirmed all the files and folders were created.

Only issue, when i go to page in browser, it is blank, no app.

Hi and welcome to the Yii forum

It’s probably that you are getting a PHP error but [size=2]your server setting is set for deployment (not showing errors)… you need to configure your server for development (show any possible errors/warnings/notices)…[/size]



[size=2]In general the development is done locally where you can set everything for development and only when the code is stabilised (all errors fixed) the app is uploaded to the server where all the settings are set for production.[/size]



[size=2]Also did you do the first step - check the Yii requirements - [/size] ?


what server are you using… just mention the folder structure… where it created your project and where is your framework…

did u mentioned correct path of framework in your application?