Just want to share with you one of the just-finished yii-powered website…

You may enjoy the content in English also, but unfortunately the food doesn’t ships unless you live in Saint George/RO…

Design, photos by me, programming by me with lots of help from the forum community -thx :wink:

Hello szfjozsef,

Very neat and clean, I’m hungry now :)

I like a lot your shopping cart style (or whatever you want to call it) as well as user experience, although I can’t order anything :D

Cheers and good luck!

PS If you care about it, check GTMetrix’s PageSpeed / YSlow webapp scores: some items / issues can be easily solved

Yummy work,

+1 for This…

Thanks a lot. My original idea was to let people order while prop their heads with the other hand…

I like the gtmetrix site, it’s really useful. Thanks!

Thank you!

Nice in general, but I would add some AJAX spice to the Site :)