Better generated code

Hello everyone!

I am a web developer lerning YII to use it in medium-scale apps. I really love it so far! :D

The thing is that the XHTML generated code when using the CRUD command makes it hard to adapt with CSS because has a lot of presentational code.

I mean the generated views from "$YII/framework/cli/views/shell/crud".

For example, there are a lot of BRs and the links are within "[]".

It would be great make the code more generic, in order to change it easily.

I guess the links would be better within a LIST, and maybe put some other DIV to have a little more control from CSS.

Also maybe putt IDs in each field, and tables row.

What do you guys think about this?

You can alwais extends the original commands to make them to generate the xhtml as you wish…

Ps.: How to extend shell command

Pss.: sorry for my english…

Hola, PoL! Thanks for the reply!

That workaround is a nice option.

But in that case, if new functionality would be added to the original crud commands, you should change all your templates again.

It can’t hurts to make the XHTML code better.

I saw Qiang posted this:

I can see this topic was talked several times so, I don’t want to be annoying talking and talking again.