Best Way To Update Field Status Based On Calculation?

Hi All,

I have a table, product with 2 STAT relationship to other table productIssuedQty (sum of quantity being issued) and productReceivedQty (sum of quantity being received). In the product table, it has a field named "status", it can be 0: FINISHED or 1: ACTIVE. In the beginning, the status is 1 (ACTIVE) If productIssuedQty >= productReceivedQty, it should change the status to 0 (FINISHED).

At the moment, I used this workaround, in the models/Product.php

public function afterFind() {

   if($this->receivedQty <=  $this->issuedQty) {

      $this->status = self::FINISHED;




Any better suggestion? Since using this, I feel uncomfortable and afraid of performance issue.

Thanks in advance.

What about using afterSave() of the related models to update the status of this model?

(Or, DB trigger?)