Best way to pass along a user's site ID?

So in my project I have a situation where I am storing data from multiple customer accounts in a single table. I need to somehow label this data with a site ID attribute so that users can only see stuff from their own site. My initial thought was to have a siteID foreign key in this transactions table and use that to limit result sets to just the stuff that user should see.

Should I (at login) set a session variable for siteID that can be accessed during operations?

Or is there a better way?

You can extend the class WebUser like that:


class ZWebUser extends CWebUser


	public $_model = null;


	public function getModel()


		if (!$this->_model)


			$this->_model= User::model()->findByAttributes(array('username'=>$this->id));


		return $this->_model;



And you can include it in config/main like that:



			// enable cookie-based authentication




This component can be accessed everywhere with Yii::app()->user. Extending it you can provide extra properties for access more that about the current user, in your case siteID or the siteData.

Take example from this implemetation: I used a singleton in order to aviod multiple queries for the same user record.