Best way to overwrite protected methods in CDataColumn?

I need to customize some behaviors in CDataColumn. However, CGridView::createDataColumn() and CGridView::initColumns() use CDataColumn component bu default. So how can I do that with as less/clean code as possible?

Create your own class that extends CDataColumn, and use that in your CGridView like you would with class based columns

  'columns' => array(





      'class' => 'application.components.MyDataColumn',



Thanks Asgaroth. That works! Although it is a little bit verbose to specify the ‘class’ attribute for each DataColumn.

Well another idea could be to extend CGridView and overwrite CGridView::createDataColumn() and CGridView::initColumns() so that it uses your custom data column instead.

Thanks Asgaroth. I’m taking this way actually. Just not sure if there are some side effects at some point.

I dont see any side effects, inheritances is wonderfull :D

just take care when upgrading the framework, as may be the CGridView can change a little, but its not a big deal anyway.