Best Way To Integrate 3Rt Party Modules


the extension database on the yii site contains a lot interesting modules for common admin-panel features like backup, user-manangemend etc.

how do you use this modules in a existing site? i try to use it together with my main-layout, that the module sites look like the rest of my page. but i have a lot of (unsolved) prolems with that. i have a admin-menu in this layout and all the links are fucked up in the menu because the created links only linking to the called module (i described this poblem in detail here: )

how is it possible to use all this great modules and integrate it in my site? i would like to use this modules like widgets and placing it at any point in my app where i need it, but i don’t know how to do it.

and can some admin please correct the typo in the topic title?

i have still not found a satisfying answer for this question.

everytime i use a 3rd party module, it looks completly out of place, or when i wrap my main layout around it, the module destroys all other links in my app.

so i try it again:

how do you integrate exisitng modules in your app? is there any guide/tutorial?

Unfortunately, most modules are not written to be extendable. Authors write modules with their own projects in mind and then decide to share them. It’s actually a lot more work to make it independent and extensible.

Having said that, I’d like to recommend my own usr module.

ok thanks for your answer. it matches my experiences.

when a module is licenced with BSD, is it ok to take all the code and copy it into a regular controller in my app?

Check out site.