Best Way To Insert New Record From Cgridview?

Hi everyone, I’m developing an application with Yii and I need some advice. My costumer wishes to avoid forms since the stored datas have lots of attributes but he rarely has to insert more than a few. So he asked me to have some kind of “add new line” to the gridview where he can input a new record most common attributes and save them to db, so that the complete form would be used only for further specifying in a second moment. I’m using Yiibooster extension among the others and I like the integration with Xeditable. However that works only to modify existant records, of course. How could I implement this “add new row” function? The extension Jqgrid has something like what I’m looking for but it’s xml based and not really updated… :)

Put an ‘Add+’ button on the bottom of your grid.

Setup a modal window onclick that opens your form.

On success, run the grid update function.