Best Way To Handle Multiple Image Uploads With Resize On Client Side

I’m trying to upload more than one image at once but resizing the images on the client side because PHP runs out of memory if they uploaded image is bigger than a few MB (people use to upload 3-4MB images from they phone camera).

I’ve done this before but only with one image, encoding it and decoding in base64, etc. ¿How could I do that with multiple images?

But that’s not the only thing I’m looking for. Once the files are uploaded to a directory, I want the users to have the posibility to delete them.

I’ve tried elFinder File Manager with its auto-resize function, but it does it on the server via AJAX and it can’t handle big images, so it’s not an option. It also gives me an backend error response.

So…what’s the best option for me? Is there any gallery or multiuploader with the features I need? Do I have to code it from the scratch by myself? :(


You want upload a only multiple Image or like using elfinder manage the gallery?

I wanted to upload multiple images and resize them with JS before the upload, and the be able to manage them.

I coded it from the scratch. It’s not finished but it’s working.

The only problem I have is that images with high resolution, like 10000x10000. The images are resized correctly but they are all black.

Hi please use this CMultiFileUpload extension

I have upload multiple image and delete the image so please see it

I used CMultiFileUpload widget but with a few modifications.

Have you tried Plupload?

Though you may want another 3rd party library (or one of your own) to manage the uploaded images, it is quite a good choice for the image uploader. You may use it as a pre-fabricated widget, or you may also construct your own uploader using Plupload’s API.

I have one of my own now, but thanks. It’s not as good looking as Plupload but works perfectly.

Thanks for the recommendation anyway, I’ll take a look at it for further projects.

Hi AlexInt,

I have been struggling to make a similar uploader. Can you please share the source code of the uploader that you have created ?