Best Way To Create Permissions?

I’ll have to develop a big application soon and I’m thinking about the roles and permissions for the users.

There will be a lot of different sections and admins will be able to add more sections. These sections will have also some sub-sections, and these sub-sections will have 4 type of permissions, like view, create, delete and update.

Sometimes a single user will probably need access to more than one section and different access level into them.

I thought about the RBAC extension but I’m not sure if it suits my needs.

On some small applications I’ve created my own access level system using a session variable. I could do the same but with an array instead of a simple variable but I don’t know if it’s a good practice and if it’s efficient as I’m a newbie programmer.

I didn’t mention it, but the application will have a lot of users. I don’t know how many, but a few hundreds at least.

Any orientation will be appreciated.


you can try the auth extension (the popular rbac extension) by cniska. it will reduce your time to invent the same…

You can use Rights extension.

I’ve been taking a look to that extensions and I don’t think it will fit my needs, but thanks.

I didn’t know about that extension. It looks great, but it won’t fit my needs either as my application will be changing contantly.

We’re doing a new system with everything we need, but thanks anyway.

I think a modified version of Rights will suit to your requirement. I have also changed some code in rights and using it for my application.

Keep rights as base and modified it according to your requirement.