Best user/permission system for Yii?

I would like to hear what you guys are using. Basically a user system where you can add/remove users and also another system that can handle permissions for said users. Lock them out of certain features, give them access to certain features, etc.

Any great plugins out there that I may have missed that do this? I’m playing with srBac but it’s kind of a bit of a learning curve and may be more than I actually need.

Thanks for your time and help with suggestions!

I’m using Yii’s RBAC system. It’s somehow pretty basic and it does the job well. The only thing you need to do after setting up roles is to create a UI for it :)

I’ve been looking at switching over to yii-user-management recently, as it seems to offer some additional features…mainly user and rbac management (plus others) in a single extension…