best rbac

hey guys, i’m new to yii, and i’m about to start my first project (beside the one i followed in the book “agile web…”).

before i start this new project however, i would like to know witch rbac extension is the best at the current moment.

i would also like to know if i have to build my database around this extension, or does it take care of all that it self?

  • thanks

It depends on what you needs are. All I needed was some GUI to manage the RBAC tree in the DB. RBAM was all I needed and it provides me with both RBAC tree management AND auth items assignment to users (associating roles with users). I just had to relax its weird bizrule validation rule and aside from that I’m very happy with this extension and recommend it.

Rights was an overkill for me. It was too complex IMHO (with the restrictions I had when researching and implementing) and I didn’t need its CWebUser class etc.

Thanks for the quick reply.

From what you are saying, Rbam is probably the best one for me, since i too plan to make a kind of light rbac system.

anyone else who wants to share their opinion?

RBAM extension isn’t only for light systems. I have 122 “Auth Items” (in AuthItem table) and at least to my impression (not in comparison to other), it represents a rather detailed permissions/authorizations tree. All I needed/wanted was a good GUI to manage the auth items and RBAM seems to provide it.