Best Practices To Start With Yii?

Hellow evry baddy!!

I am trying to start with yii but i find somme probleme, I think that the most important think is to understand verry well the architecture of this framework, some one can give me a clear idea of the yii’s architecture??

and i also search for a small project whish manipulate small data bases with several views??

thank for evry one.

see you next

Welcome! Start with The Guide, especially Creating the First Application. Then look at the demo apps (especially the Blog App) included. Enjoy!


Please see this link

it may be helpful…


i think JFReyes has given good comments here related your this question.So, please go with that first.

And regarding this

i would like to tell you that its hard to say that you can find some small project or application which includes databases views in it.So, please try to understand first about the Yii architecture then you can come to that point to deal with databases views and all.

Anyways dealing with database view is not a big hurdle here. Simply after creating a views in database you can create a Model class and can access it in your project where ever you want. ;)

And if still there is any question or doubt please post it on forum.You’ll get a solution here :)

Thanks @codesutra, that’s how I started and it’s been swell. I’d like to add that the Yii books “Agile Web Application Development with Yii and PHP5” and @samdark’s “Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook” are the next step after finishing with The Guide and the demos.