Best practices for finishing extensions

My latest Yii2 extension WeeSee/Yii2-PdfLabel is ready.

It can be used for printing labels using PDF on various formats.

It is available on Packagist so everybody can use it through composer.

I’ve carefully read official docs on how to create an Extension. But there’s a lot missing as testing, publishing, supporting, setting up documentation an the like.

So, what comes next?

  • How to generate tests for an Yii2 extension?

  • How to integrate into Travis CI build?

  • How to check code coverage with Scrutinizer?

  • How to build docs (I tried apidocs from Yii2, but manual docs in the repo may be better? Or Github pages?)

  • How to tell everybody there is a new Yii2 extension? Which websites are recommended?

I’m looking for best practice descriptions, experiances, recommendation or guides to complete Yii2 extensions.

What are you facing?

For making great extension, there are lots of todos

after finishing coding (publishing, testing, documentation,…).

I don’t have time to go in every topic with a lot of time.

So again: Are there best practices for finishing great extensions?