Best Practice For Creating An Admin Switchboard?

Hi folks,

I am building a private site here, so blocking access is not a concern.

The website will be based around the displaying of raw data in the SQL database. I want to build an admin section that will access to the DB through the frontend. So basically, the main menu will have "Admin" as a label then when that is clicked it will take me to the admin section and from there it will display a menu before the main menu with the options for admin i.e. show tabs I can clicked that with show views for the different database tables.

The question is… is it appropriate to create a module for this? The only functioning I think I really need would be for both the "admin" label to be set active as well as the appropriate menu label in the admin submenu.

Any thoughts?

If there is no publicly accessible area and no real requirement to separate the admin functionality from the rest of the app, you may as well just make an admin controller.

Modules are easy to work with though, so whatever takes your fancy.


I might sound a bit thick here, but how do I create this so that the module nav button and the nav button for the specified controller/action are both set to active?