Best of open source projects

Can anyone indicate good open source projects to study the framework?

It could be a pinned topic with such content, a sample of projects that are in good programming reference.

I think Flexica CMS is somewhat OpenSource

–iM — Open Source MySQL web manager. Alternative to PhpMyAdmin.

I think this is the correct link for that project ;)


Haven’t reviewed code of these, so can’t say they are good: — Project management app. — Pastebin. — File hosting.


Yes, that’s correct. Thanks.

go to and type yii in the search box

Ok jayrulez, but the proposal is to indicate which projects can be considered good programming reference and a source of study for beginners.

Bad projects are everywhere.

Yes, it’s up to you to pick out the better ones to study.

Here is the list

I am not sure why people don’t consider the blog demo as a good starting point. It helped me get started as it is a very basic application.

there is gxccms based on yii do take a look