Best memory limit for inventory

I now working on an inventory system project. And just need to export some report to Excel so I use PHPExcel.

I’ve just realised that it’s kinda memory consuming to produce an excel because it takes 1k/cell (as the developer said). And with my memory limit 16M I even can’t create an empty excel file with more than 7 sheets (I probably need 20 sheets or more for this application)

So, I tried to use a cache system that supplied by the PHPExcel but it’s still not sufficient. So I use the last resort. I try to increase the memory_limit via ini_set() function.

But I’m still not fully understand the dangerous if we set memory_limit too high. Currently I set it to 64M. How large the limit will you recommend? And why?

I assume that you are working on localhost. Remember about the limitations production server. Check memory limit by phpinfo() function.

Yes currently work on localhost. How to know the limitation of real server? Maybe I should check the RAM of the hosting server to know what is the max memory limit that I may set?

Php function phpinfo();

I check phpinfo() on my localhost. I found there are two values, master value and local value. Both are 24M. So does that mean, I can only use max 24M in my computer??


can you please provide inventory sample application in yii actual am new to yii i would trying to deveolp a sample application on inventory

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