Best folder structure?

A Yii virgin here :P

I’ve got some images, css and js scripts my site will need to use but not sure if there is a specific place they should be in or if i just use my own structure.








Is the above ok? I’m using CClientScript to add the scripts and css as an when they are needed.

That’sa absolutely standard and correct structure.

I usually put the framework in the previous folder, so that it will not be web accessible, but that is a simple question of habit.

Ah, That’s ok then, Just didn’t want to break or not use a standard already built it.


Know the rules before breaking them. :)

If you’ve read about naming conventions in the Yii guide, then stick to that. At least until you know what the rules are.

When you create a webapp using yiic, everything’s laid out for you.

But ask anytime if you have doubts.