Best Email Extension

I am looking for some advice from the community, I am putting together an application which needs an emailing system for user notifications and such. I have seen there are a few extensions available and obviously there are non-yii email extensions around the net as well. I would love to hear about people’s experience with this rather than pick one blindly.

It’s not going to be used for marketing as I already use mailchimp for that so I don’t need list management or queue sending or any of that.

Thanks for any advice.


I use this ->

It wraps Swiftmailer, and uses views. Recommended. ;)

If you are already using Mailchimp for your lists and need a solution for your transactional emails, I suggest that you try Mailchimp Mandrill. I created a very simple extension around it and it was very easy.

Looks interesting, not sure I like the idea of outsourcing transactional emails but I am aware it is probably not for any good reason. I’m not sure how customers would feel about emails coming from an external source.

It is pretty common to outsource it.

Mailchimp has a great reputation, too.

There are technical advantages like don’t having to deal with deliverability.

So it looks like I am probably going to go with Mandrill, there are other services available that do something similar but I always liked the ‘chimp’ so that’s good enough for me. It actually looks like a much better system than managing them using something like swift mailer - at least for a small/med site where volume is low enough that it is not costly.

I will probably be creating a pretty complete extension to work with the API, if anyone has done any work towards this let me know and we can maybe put our heads together.

You won’t regret it :)

What’s about mandrill’s extension? any advance? I’m very interested in mandrill… any advice? Thanks!!

I’d like to add this:

If you set this up, it will no longer be obvious for your recipients that you’re sending from a third-party.