Best Documentation To Merge Wordpress And Yii


I would like to know the link for the documentation for merging wordpress and Yii ?

Do what?! You have site on wordpress and want to convert it to yii application or whatever?

I have an Yii application right now. I would like to integrate CMS(Wordpress) to it so clients can upload their content.

Well, it’s one of the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of O_o

Why do you need that at all? Why somebody wants to merge ugly wordpress implementation with its awful DB loading instead of writing nice and shiny blog application with yii? I think blog is the most widespread example of web-application. The web is full of articles and even yii framework itself is bundled with working example. You plan your models, prepare tables and make Gii or whatever you use to make all the routine things for you. All you have to do is to customize it a bit and maybe add some fancy scripts for text editors and whatever. Good luck!