Best controller/action setup for this scenario?

Hi folks,

I have a website that lists information about 10 or so different countries - each country has a landing page with an overview of the country then separate pages for information about tourism and transport.

I would like to hear opinions on the best manner to handle this in controller/actions. I have tried to handle this by passing the country name as a parameter by using these URL manager rules…

'destinations/<country:\w+>' => 'destinations/index',

'destinations/<country:\w+>/<view:\w+>' => 'destinations/index',

The main problem with this is that the Nav doesn’t respect the parameters (and nor should it) so the link it not set to


. On the other hand, I would like to avoid a scenario of having to have 1 countroller for the each country landing, tourism and transport page - this would be 30 controllers for 10 countries. Not the worst thing ever but something I would like to avoid.

Any input very welcome!