Best cache component for Yii running on Windows+XAMPP

Hi there,

After searching through forum and reading some other sites (for example Yii Performance page) about caching in PHP (in general) and in Yii (in particular) I found out (correct me, if I’m wrong) that most often used caching components for Yii are APC and eAccelerator. I would like to use (one of them or any other) to boost up my website, but here comes the worst part: I’m forced to use Windows-based server and XAMPP.

Because I mostly want to cache DB queries, data and operations if I’m not mistaken, I must forget about eAccelerator because of information written on CEAcceleratorCache page, saying:

Second option is APC and here goes APC Installation Page on PHP Manual, saying:

Is this really true? Do I have to install MS Visual Studio and recompile whole PHP daemon from scratch? And why there is no DLL for Windows shipped anymore? Licensee-related problems (damn you, Microsoft!)?

Recompiling PHP is not an option. I’m to less experienced and to lazy on the other hand. I used XAMPP to avoid even configuration-related problems and compilation of own PHP libraries is far beyond what I can achieve. And even if I would manage to do so, all my effort would be ruined with next release of XAMPP, which would probably again come without APC DLL and I would have to again recompile PHP and so on…

Conslusion. If you won’t provide me with some brilliant solution I will have to resign from using both APC and eAccelerator. Then what in your opinion would be best caching component for Yii running under XAMPP and Windows?

And is there any caching component available right out-of-the-box with PHP release? Or any of them must be installed separately via PECL, PEAR or similar way?

Thanks in advance for any advices.

Do not worry! :lol:

If you’re able to pick something else, then prepare to be zwamp’ed:

  • PHP 5.3.3
  • Apache 2.2.17
  • MySQL 5.1.52
  • MongoDB 1.6.4
  • Alternative PHP Cache (APC) 3.1.5
  • eAccelerator 1.0svn412
  • Adminer 3.0.1
  • PHP MongoDB Admin
  • MemCached 1.2.4b

What more do you want? :)

The only thing that I could find was… ->

jacmoe, you completely missed the point! :) I was born and grown will XAMPP, I love it like my own father and I’ll die with it! :) In other words - I would rather resign from using caching at all than to even think about changing XAMPP to something else! :) :) :)

Thanks! You probably googled it out, which I simply forgot to do, even if this is the best solution here.

I started this topic also as some kind of poll (I didn’t use build in functionality of polls as nearly no one answers them! :)), asking about what is the best caching component in each responder private opinion. Did you provided me with APC for Windows because you found it or because you think this one is best, better then memchache, memchaced or eAccelerator?

This topic is a little outdated but,

I am also an XAMPP user on Windows.I currently use 1.7.1 and I found the apc.dll in ext folder,it came with the XAMMP installation…

Outdated doesn’t means not important! :]

Thanks for the tip! I missed apc.dll (php_apc.dll in my distro), because it is not availalbe in Lite version of XAMPP, which I uses the most. I used Full version for only one project so far and found that library there. Thanks again.