Behavior Beforefind Brakes Count() Function

Hi, everybody! I have a strange problem, that already took a day of my life, and trying to get more. So, I need help.

I trying to add "Trash-bin" functionality to my models (not every, just where it needs).

I using extension “trash-bin-behavior” (since I’m unable to post links here, you can find this extension in the “unofficial yii extensions repository”, hosted on github), it does very simple job: when you try to find some records, it adds some attributes to the search criteria, so you won’t see “deleted” records.

The important part of code: (there are much more, but it doesn’t have relation to my question)

/* ... */

class ETrashBinBehavior extends CActiveRecordBehavior


/* .... */

/* Function, that adding filtering option to a criteria

* $this->trashFlagField - is a field name, that used for "removed" flag storage

* $this->removedFlag - is a value, that means "removed state" of the record (usually removedFlag=1, and 0 means "not deleted")


public function filterRemoved() 







		return $owner;


//In the beforeFind event handler we watching, is the var "_withRemoved" set, and run function filterRemoved() if it isn't

public function beforeFind(CEvent $event)


		if($this->getEnabled() && !$this->findRemoved && !$this->_withRemoved)





//This function should set _withRemoved to deactivate searching filter.

public function withRemoved()



		return $this->getOwner();


/* .... */


// Usage: add behavior to a model, and after that:

// 1) Get all "non-deleted" records:


// 2) Get all records, no matter if they are "deleted" or not:


Executing findAll() on the model gives me expected results. But executing count() - gives me amount of all the records, not only “undeleted”. I’ve searched all the docs, all the forum, and find out, that named scopes can solve my problem. But, if I create named scopes “onlyNotDeleted()”, “onlyDeleted()” and “everyThing”, than, by default scope “everyThing” will be applied, and it’s not what I want. I want to use defaultScope to this thing, but I don’t know, how to apply it from the behavior.

Also, I found this topic:, and where are answer "Overwrite CActiveRecordBehavior::beforeFind() method in your behavior class" to the question "is there any way to put defaultScope method into CActiveRecordBehavior class?".

So, I’m confused. And there a no event “beforeCount” that could help me. Please, give me some advices on how to solve the problem. Maybe I have to rewrite count() function in the behavior ?

P.S. I don’t want to change defaultScope() of the model itself, all logic have to be in the behavior.

Thank you, and forgive me my poor english.

Found an answer myself. Author of behavior recommends to set “count” value manually, bacause onBeforeCount event doesn’t exists.

The issue for this already created:

h t t p s : / / g i t h u b . c o m / y i i s o f t / y i i / i s s u e s / 1 3 5 3

(Sorry for spaces, I’m still can’t insert links)

And one brave man made a pull request with relosved issue:

h t t p s : / / g i t h u b . c o m / y i i s o f t / y i i / p u l l / 1 8 2 3

It’s still doesn’t pullet by Yii team, but sooner or later it will be.

If anybody wants to use it right here and right now - just patch your own CActiveRecord and CActiveRecordBehavior with this changes, and you can use event onBeforeCount.

Of course, it will bring problems with yii framework update, but it’s worth it.

Thank to everybody, who tried to think in the direction of my problem.