Beginner: Updating Page Html Source But Page Content Not Updating

First of all, hi! I’m brand new to Yii so please bare with me!

I’ve run into a problem with a site I’m modifying for my dad in my spare time (he had someone else make it for him and that person has absconded) and I’m struggling to help him. I’ve read through the tutorials and whatever sites and forum posts I can find but I’m sure I’m missing something important. I know yii has pretty powerful caching so I get the feeling this is the reason but I honestly don’t know.

The problem is as follows…

We have a page with a form that has multiple inputs on it and I want to remove some of those inputs since they’re not needed any more. So, I edited the _form.php View file like I would with a normal site and removed the inputs that aren’t required. The problem is, even after clearing the browser cache, closing and reopening it - those inputs are still there!

I tried editing all the files in the same directory as well and I can’t get any changes to reflect on the site. I fiddled around a bit more and by editing the root controller classes I can affect changes to the site but anything under those views and nothing goes.

What am I missing? Please help!

Righto, I’ve gotten a bit closer to the solution! I’m still pretty unsure what’s going on but slowly getting there.

I’ve traced the generation of the page content to the render() function of one of the classes which inherits from a whole bunch of others and ultimately from CController.

I’ve tried adding code to CController.php within the render method to at least see if I can trigger some sort of change but even after modifying CController.php there is absolutely no change.

I can trigger changes by placing code just before the render() call but I can’t trace what happens in it.

Is the normal pattern for controllers to always override the render() method? So, would I need to try and trace each inheriting class to try and find the culprit? Tried that yesterday but only CController even has a definition for render() :(