Beginner - Login Page

Hello , How I can make Login page that want from every Guest to type his username and password and after he Sign In , to be redirected to the website and then he can see the content in the website . (if he is a Guest ,he see only the Login Form window)

Thank you in advance!

You can try "yii2-app-advanced" project template, which provides you with a set of common user management features like logging in, signing up, resetting password, … etc.

Or you may try "yii2-app-practical" series from kartik-v. (google it please).

ok but is there a way to do it with Yii2 Basic ? I must create a new layout , and how I must manage to get this login page when I enter the website?

there plenty of ways to do it, simple one you can check for user data before rendering the home page

in your sitecontroller.php

public function actionIndex()


	if (Yii::$app->user->isGuest) {

		return $this->redirect("/login_page");





And also check "Access Control Filter" in the guide.

You can deny access to "index" and other pages for guest users, and it will automatically send the guest to "login" page.

Thanks for the info , I did it :)