Beginner Help - "requested controller does not exist"

I’m having trouble with a hello-world type program. Yii gives the error ‘The requested controller “game” does not exist’. But I don’t understand why. This is what I have:



class GameController extends CController


	public function actionIndex()


		$data = array('message' => 'Hello world');

		$this->render('index', $data);




<h1>Greetings from Yii</h1>

<p>The greeting message is: "<?= $message ?>"</p>

What could possibly be wrong? To make things more strange, I actually have another controller and view called "greeting" and that one works. So what am I doing wrong?

The controller code looks fine to me (if that's the only code). It has nothing to do with the view code. Perhaps you should check the file permission and also the file name (which is case sensitive if on Linux).

This is really frustrating. I can even rename everything to "foo" (so you have FooController, views/foo/index.php) and the hello-world program works. Then why doesn't it work when I call it "game"? I want to write a simple game and I want to call my controller "game".

I found the problem. It's the stupid cache again.

Can anyone please tell me how to turn APC off completely? I have rename apc.ini, I have added apc.enabled = Off in my php.ini file and nothing works. The stupid APC seems to be running and making my life a real pain.

I removed APC completely from my computer and how my program works well. So it was definitely APC. I would still like to know how to have APC installed but disabled.

If apc.ini is in a directory php.d, then simply put it in a subdirectory.