Become a co-founder in a german startup

We present you our Esop if you fit our team (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and give insight into Business & Status Quo.

What already exists:

  • 1 CTO, 4 Developer (Remote).
  • Open source framework licence.
  • Specification book and GUI mockup are given.
  • Evaluation completed and basic functionality given.
  • Custom GIT repository and bug tracker given.

What your profile should include:

  • Co-founder only – no companies
  • You are familiar with the terms #YiiFramework and #OOP.
  • Nice to have: #LinuxComandLine skills (SSH).
  • 10h/week minimum commitment as a #CoFounder
  • speak, read and write English

Current core tasks:

  • Successive adjustments based on GUI prototypes.
  • Custom developments and implementations.
  • You work 100% #remore

Looking forward to your PM.

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