Beautify this URL

I have this url here: trabajo/trabajo/url/myUrl where the first trabajois the controller, the second one is the action, url is the parameter name and myUrl is the parameter. So I made this rule:


Now the url trabajo/myUrl takes me to trabajo/trabajo/url/myUrl. But if the <url> is a word like “hello”, it doesn’t work because of the third default rule, because it takes “hello” as an action.


How can I make this work? I’ve realised that if I put my rule before the default one, it works and looks like any other controllers/actions are working too but I’m a bit afraid it will make something crash.

I know I can change the urls a bit by adding something at the end but I want to keep as clear as possible because of SEO.

Any idea will be appreciated.

You should indeed put your rule before the default one. Your rule is very specific, so shouldn’t affect anything else.

Ok, thanks. I understand much better how are rules working. :)