Basic search in admin not working

When i go to my admin and write some text in the search fields below the titles I get this error.

the advanced search is working fine

$.param.querystring is not a function

[Break On This Error] options.url = $.param.querystring(options.url,; 

Any Ideas?


with such narrow information is quite difficult to help you :)

Lets take this url

Below Title and Status there are two blank fields I can type there and search for any information in the grid.

This does not happen in my website


That’s a pity…

i have similar fields and the search there does not work

Dude… You are not making it easy.

Could you please - with sugar and all that - come up with the following information:

[size="4"]1) What have you tried?[/size]

[size="4"]2) How did you try it? -> code, actions taken, etc.[/size]

We are not psychic.

[size="5"][color="#8b0000"]>>> Click <<<[/color][/size]

Okay Sorry,

  1. What have you tried?

Lets take this example My link

  1. How did you try it? -> code, actions taken, etc.

I type "a" in the input box below the Title header , I get a single result "A Test Post" as my result.

In My website I do not get any results from the input box.

There is no change in the code.

I see this error through firebug

$.param.querystring is not a function

[Break On This Error] options.url = $.param.querystring(options.url,; 

This is most probably a javascript error…

What browser are you using?

How did you create your project?

By that I mean: did you create it from the yiic command-line and then used Gii to create CRUD from a model?

If so, then you should have a fully working admin action in your generated controller.

Do you get this error using other browsers? (Firefox, Chrome, IE)…

ok let me make it easy as i just came across the same issue , the pagination is trying to for ajax update but as i had not define the option url or parameters and the current route is not for an ajax response mean doing render not rederPartial but i am getting correct results as a new response ;) need to make another action and set the url with extra parameters i guess in pager to make it work correctly see my code below i may have missed so extra param when registering the script




Yii::app()->clientScript->corePackages = array();


<!-- search-form -->

<?php $this->widget(‘AkimboSearchView’, array(




'columns'=&gt;array(  //// LEave it for me <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />


Ok my problem solve as i count it a convention issue


i was expecting it ba-bbq not bbq

I had the same problem , turns out the error was caused by an error in my script file …

[size="3"]domino effect [/size]. when one javascript code went bad before jquery cgridview script code run. the rest will not run as smooth.

hope a make sense… or somehting