Basic Help (mysql and views) gii or giix?

  1. Can anyone help either point me to a good guide or explain what exactly is needed in the MODEL, CONTROLLER, and VIEW in order to show my model columns in my VIEW, and UPDATE or INSERT(create) new Columns for that Model.

  2. Should I be using gii or giix? Can anyone explain this? CRadvancedbehavior with either of these?

My problem (basic rundown): I really just do not understand what is needed in each part (MVC) to pull my database fields, (including relational fields) into my view and than proceed to update.

I understand the basics… like model has the attributes for the table and relations, view fields point to your action in controller.

I guess what would be the most helpful how do I run the update/insert of data i type into a form text box? and likewise for relations? Sorry if this is confusing… im all jacked up on caffeine and cannot keep my thoughts straight.

did you try to use gii CRUD and see the created code?

I recommend giix. Always. :D

Seriously, giix has been made to make things easier, including dealing with relations.

Note: if you want to understand the framework, don’t forget to read the guide.