Basic Forum Requirements

hi friends am going to create a simple forum concept with authenticated users can start new topic , discuss existing topics

I think this database design is enough it may be wrong any suggestions are accepted

  1. a table for forum category contains forum id, title, description, created_user, create_time, update_time

  2. a table for forum topics contains

id, title, description, content, forum_category, create_user, create_time, update_time

  1. a table for forum discussion contains

id, reply, topic_id, create_user, create_time, update_time

your suggestions are welcomed…


i think yoy may change the all db add a one more filed… if you are easy manage to all db

status(DBtype =>ENUM(0,1,2=>inactive/active/delete))

and also change to name




what is status[dbType]? what is its use?

you can create the status filed in DB and select the type is ENUM(like you may select the VARCHAR or int)

it’s one type of flag

you mean it is a column in table with this enumeration?

ok inactive means long time means user who does not replied or discussion closed?


1=active= means show the all active category display to all site.(like dropdownlist,checkbox…)

0=inactive= means not diplay to all site only disply the admin gridview.

2=delete= means category is deleted on table.

and select the datatyape and go to other select the ENUM type

thanks ankit I got your idea… are you in fb? I wanna be ur friend on fb too…