Bad Request (#400) Unable to verify your data


i have a project, it works on shop.local and shop.local/admin, i used the tutorial on sharing hosts to make this happen.

now i wanted to deploy this project in my work office server so that my team mates could see and work with it.

i just copied/pasted the whole thing, updated the mysql database.

everything works fine, except two things:

1- when i want to use my login form, i get "Unable to verify your data submission."

and i have csrf in my head layout.

2- my yii debugging toolbar doesn’t show up anymore.

what did i do wrong ?

try this.

In frontend config file

'request' => [

            'baseUrl' => '/appname',  



and define different session for front and backend app.

  'session' => [

            'name' => 'PHPFRONTSESSID', 

             'savePath' => __DIR__ . '/../temp',//create temp folder in frontend.






Debug Toolbar has a default to show only on localhost /

You have to allow other IPs if you want to see Debug Toolbar on other clients.


Thanks for response, i don’t have access to the office server now, i will test you answer later, but my application(login form) works perfectly in my laptop, but did not work on server, i don’t think that is a configuration issue, am i wrong ?

yeah, i figured that out, could you help me on first question ?


When everything is running fine on your local machine but not on the server:

  • Are both the same? (Windows / Linux …?)

  • Have you already compared your local XAMP/LAMP configuration vs servers configuration?

(Webserver Config, PHP config, PHP modules etc?)

  • Maybe you could execute the "requirements.php" in your projects root folder?

It could indicate if something on your server is missing.


Well actually my local machine is Linux-ubuntu but the server is windows8.

Is it the problem ?

(my configuration is same on both local and server)

well i figured out what the problem is,

It’s kinda odd.

You could still help me here.

thanks in advance.